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5:30pm Sunset Snorkel Tour (Seasonal)

Tropical Snorkel & Gorgeous Sunset In One Tour!

Quick Details

  • Smoking or vaping is forbidden on board the vessel.
  • You can’t be intoxicated prior to trip time, please be responsible.
  • Must have basic swimming skills to get into the water.
  • The sunset/snorkel tour is available March 15th – September 15th.
Starts At
Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 12 & Under
Rider All Ages
No Swimming/Snorkeling
*snorkelers under 18 years old must book a tour with an adult

Take in a Magnificent Sunset While Snorkeling in Key Largo, Florida!

During this 2.5 hour sunset snorkel tour, we will take you to one of the shallow (6-8 feet deep) coral reefs located inside the National Marine Sanctuary! You will be absolutely amazed at the underwater world that lives just offshore Key Largo. These coral reefs have a wide variety of thriving hard and soft corals that have been protected since 1960.

You will also see thousands of colored tropical fish as well as the possibility of seeing turtles, starfish, eels, lobsters, conchs, rays and much more. Imagine yourself floating on the surface and looking down at an abundance of sea life just below you. After snorkeling at the reef for 1.5 hours, we will head back to shore and you will witness the sun setting over the islands with many colors reflecting off the ocean, a priceless photo opportunity!